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Growing Leaders

Equipping kids as leaders begins with making space for them to serve. Giving opportunity for children to lead also means you as a leader have to become vulnerable. As desperate as those of us in children’s ministry are for help, we are sometimes our own worst enemy when it comes to giving up control and trusting others to oversee responsibilities. That apprehension is multiplied when we think of giving responsibility to children.

Three Tips for Effective Nursery Ministry

When it comes to nursery ministry, most church leaders focus on creating a safe environment that parents feel comfortable leaving their children during church. However, the importance of your ministry goes well beyond creating a safe environment. In fact, I believe it’s the best place to establish a foundation for spiritual growth for kids in your church.

How Important is the Church Nursery?

Whenever I talk with ministry leaders about the idea of cradle-to-grave discipleship , many assume I’m highlighting the importance of kids’ ministry. But is it possible that your church’s nursery is the most important place for spiritual growth? Unfortunately, the nursery is often seen as a glorified babysitting service in many churches. Because we don’t see the tangible results of our efforts like we do in kids’ ministry, we can quickly start to believe the myth that the nursery doesn’t matter as long as babies are changed and happy when their caregiver arrives to pick them up.

Model a Love of God's Word

Helping kids learn to love the Bible is one of the most valuable things we can do as kids’ ministry leaders. But have you ever felt like that seemed like an impossible task?

Kids Can Learn to Love the Word

As ministry leaders, we know the importance of being in the Word every day. It’s how we learn to know God. It’s one of the primary ways the Holy Spirit speaks truth into our lives. And as kids’ ministry leaders, we should do everything we can to help kids cultivate a love for Scripture … and it might not be as difficult as the statistics make you think.

Moving From Teacher to Facilitator

When we teach, we are educating or instructing kids. Knowledge of the Word of God is important because it lays the foundation. However, knowledge of who God is or knowledge of the Bible is not enough. Kids must experience God.