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Making the Most of Kids Spiritual Mileage

Camp is often one of the highlights for every children's ministry, but how do we make the most of the growth that happens at camp?

Now that Camp is Over ...

You know the feeling. The feeling of stepping off the bus after an incredible week of camp. Your mind is full of memories you want to keep for the rest of your life. The time you finally had the breakthrough with “that” kid. The time your room finally fell asleep. The time you paid the camp director to be on the winning team. You know the feeling. But you also know the feeling when you walk into the office the following Monday and think "What now?" So ... consider these two tips: 1) Create Special Days to Drive Momentum, and 2) Use Special Days to Push Toward Something Greater.

A Child’s Faith and Their School

For our kids, school is their most obvious opportunity to make an impact in people’s lives through the gospel. We must do all we can to help them see their school through spiritual eyes. Here are some simple tips to help kids engage spiritually when it comes to school ...

Interacting with Your Local School

Jesus said to His disciples that He would teach them to be fishers of men. In today's world, there is no better fishing spot than the local elementary school. Below are some tips for helping you interact with your local school.

Change - Resistant or Addicted?

Children’s ministry tools are always changing. We’ve gone from “Canst thou holdeth up this chalkboard with ye olde song lyrics written upon it?” to “Where can I plug in this overhead? Does someone have a blank cassette tape?” to “How do I need to save this so it will play in Pro-presenter?”

Promotion and Transition

Could there be anything more bittersweet than promoting kids to the youth group? We have invested time, money, and energy into these kids only to say good-bye. Since promotion time is pivotal in the life and health of your church, plan it early in the year and build it into your large and small group curriculums.