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4 Way Outreach Centered Christmas

Since Christmas is our holiday, we should have some of the greatest outreaches and events in our churches and communities to celebrate Jesus’ coming. There is no better time to tell people about the good news of Jesus Christ than at Christmas. Check out these four great methods to demonstrate the reason for the season.

Discovering Advent

Advent is a Latin word meaning coming. During the season of Advent, we remember the first Advent of Christ (His birth) and anticipate the second Advent (the return of Christ). Advent begins four Sundays before Christmas day. For families, observing Advent can be a powerful way of celebrating Christ during the Christmas season.

Celebration in the Chaos

It has been said many times and many ways, Christmas comes at the same time every year. So why does it catch us so off guard? Why does it put us all into what feels like one of those snow globes in the hands of a two-year-old that just keeps shaking? In this case, the why is not as important as the remedy that will keep us sane and, more importantly, focused on the real why for the season: JESUS. This article highlights three go-to remedies when life looks crazy.

Christmas Outreach and KidMin

The Christmas season is an incredible time for children’s ministry leaders to teach kids about the importance of being generous and sharing the Good News with others. However, I’ve often wondered if there was a more effective way to teach kids how to embrace the Christmas story beyond collecting gifts on Sunday morning or Wednesday night and then distributing them through other ministries.

Is "God With Us" in Our Christmas Outreach?

When it comes to reaching our world with the Good News, most churches spend a majority of their time and resources inviting people to services and events during the Christmas season. We so desperately want these people to come hear the Christmas story. However, sometimes we forget that the Christmas story gives us a major hint about the nature of God. In it, He comes to us in the form of a little baby—Emmanuel, God with us.