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Who's Ready for Some Fun?

Ministries need safety guidelines, support systems, and more to function, but they need fun to thrive!

Maximize First Impressions

Studies have shown that families do not wait to decide until after the kids are picked up and the message is over to make their decision about whether or not they will visit again. Typically these decisions are made within the first few minutes of driving onto the church property. The first impression given to first-time attendees is critical in helping them choose to come back each week for the life-giving message of the gospel. Take some time to ask yourself the following questions ...

First Impressions

Unfortunately there is a myth in the church world that because “the Lord looks on the heart” we can be less concerned with what man looks at. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Often the excuse of “judge us by our heart” is an excuse for not doing the hard work of creating excellence within the parameters and limitations that exist. Is there a biblical foundation for creating a positive first impression?

Leveraging Outreach to Introduce People to Jesus

Every year in America the Church spends millions of dollars on outreach and yet after many of these outreaches we are left with a puzzled confusion trying to figure out their long term fruit.

Cultivating a Sense of Community

Scripture designates parents as the primary religious instructors in a child’s life; at the same time, research suggests a child’s relationship with God develops best when parents have a faith community reinforcing the family’s Christian values. In children’s ministry we are in a unique position to provide an environment for families to feel a strong sense of community.

Military Kids and Your Kidmin

There is a theory about the brain that if information is to be processed, a person must initially feel safe and loved. Most kids work through this progression naturally, yet if faced with a multitude of changes to one’s environment, it may be difficult to overcome. Having been a military kid myself, and now ministering to military kids, I wanted to share some unique obstacles they deal with and how you can help them feel cared for within your kids’ ministry.