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4 Way Outreach Centered Christmas

Since Christmas is our holiday, we should have some of the greatest outreaches and events in our churches and communities to celebrate Jesus’ coming. There is no better time to tell people about the good news of Jesus Christ than at Christmas. Check out these four great methods to demonstrate the reason for the season.

Making an Impact After the Event

We are programed to try and impress that one parent who just never seems to be impressed by what we do! So we put hours upon hours in planning, recruiting volunteers, buying decor and supplies, and creating the biggest and grandest event of the year. But what if we changed the purpose of our events to be evangelistic in nature? Here are some pointers on effective ways to do follow-up after the event.

Time for MEGA Sports Camp

Are you wanting to do something different with your church this summer to reach your community? Vacation Bible school may be your immediate thought, but with that you may be wanting to try something your church has never done and the community has never seen. That something can be MEGA Sports Camp!

Pray For Your Schools

My initial reason for even setting foot on the school property was to find a place where I could get in some daily exercise and walk off some stress. But one day the Holy Spirit prompted me to begin praying over the schools—the students, teachers, and administrators—as I walked. I did not know them personally or their specific needs. However, I found that as I opened my heart to those two schools and began to intercede on their behalf, the Holy Spirit led me in what I should pray.

Diversity Goals

There are a select few topics that I believe will define our children’s ministries in the next few years. One of those is our intentionality as it pertains to diversity. Most children’s pastors would agree that the message of hope that Jesus can give for a life eternal extends beyond race, age, or any other factor of division. However, though our theology may be correct, what people see when they view our ministry may look incomplete.

Invest in Another Children's Ministry

Let’s face it, you have enough going on in your own church to really spend a large amount of time investing in another ministry. But there are some simple ways you can invest in another children’s ministry that won’t take up too much time.