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The One Thing I Wish The Church Board Knew About Kidmin

Most children’s ministries across the country have two things in common: they need one more worker and a bigger budget! (If you don’t have those two problems, either your church is a phenomenal exception or your vision is too small—but that’s a different blog post.)

What Kind of First Impression Does Your Kidmin Make?

Sometimes I wish I was able to simply listen to a visiting family as they drive home from church. Since that’s not possible, I have decided to formulate the favorable things I want them to say. Then I make sure my team has the ways and means in place that will allow visiting families to say these things. What’s the one thing I secretly hope they say? . . . “That was impressive.”

The Dangers of Over-Communicating

Many would argue that too much communication is better than too little communicating. However, I would disagree. If our goal is to ensure parents are fully equipped to disciple their children and that they will want to utilize the services of the church, then over-communicating can be just as dangerous as under-communicating.

Diversity—is it a part of your Kidmin?

Perhaps you would like to increase the diversity within your children’s ministry but are finding it difficult because of tensions that exist. These tensions can come from a variety of sources but there are three practical steps* that can help smooth the bumps to provide a pathway for better acceptance.

Intentional Diversity

I have long believed that one of the primary roles of children’s pastors is to expand the worldview of our kids. On a weekly basis we get to open their eyes to God’s way of thinking, and more importantly, His way of seeing the world.


I hear and talk about diversity A LOT in my personal life. The reason it is brought up so much is due to having an interracial marriage. I have been together with my beautiful dark-skinned wife since we were sixteen years old. We have heard all types of extremely kind comments on our “diverse” relationship, but we also hear some really strange ones. However, diversity is more than just a different skin color.