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Starting Well

Leaving something and starting something are two different things. They both have their hurts and their joys, but you must approach them differently.

Leaving Well

Here are five things I found that helped me leave well.

Developing a Healthy Relationship with Your Lead Pastor

The relationship we have with our lead pastor is one of the most vital ones we will have in ministry. If the relationship with your lead pastor is unhealthy, it will have a significate impact on your ministry. So, what does it take to develop and maintain a healthy relationship with your lead pastor? Well, at least four things.

Building Relationship with Senior Leaders

I’ve recently had conversations with children’s ministry leaders who feel overlooked. Here’s something I try to remind them: We often want church leadership to come to us to initiate relationship and tell us what we need to know. But what if you flipped the conversation and worked to initiate with them what you are hoping they will do for you?

Do They Care About Our Kidmin?

While there are challenges in serving with excellence when you don’t feel valued or supported, it’s important to keep in mind that we are ultimately called to serve God and not man. Whether or not we perceive church leadership as being passionate about what we do, we must continue to give 100 percent.

Telling the Kidmin Story to Your Church

After sixteen years as a career children’s pastor, I have recently made a shift out of children’s ministry into ministry as a lead campus pastor. This gives me a unique perspective. I intimately understand the burning passion that motivates ministry to children, as well as the challenges that children’s ministry presents. As I process my new identity outside of children’s ministry, I am beginning to have a new perspective on how kids’ ministry is viewed by those on the outside.