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6 Ways to Serve Your Public Schools

The hours kids spend in school are 40 times more than the hours they spend in church during each school year. Seventy-five percent of the kids in your town or community will never benefit from what you do inside your church, because they don’t attend your church. To effectively impact the children of your community and their schools, you must go to them. This article offers six tips that will make an impact in your local elementary school.

Four Steps to Building Inroads to Public Schools

As Kidmin leaders, one of the best ways we can be the hands and feet of Jesus, outside the walls of the church, is to partner with our local public schools to meet the needs of students in our cities. For Kidmin leaders, the public school is our missions field!

Pray For Your Schools

My initial reason for even setting foot on the school property was to find a place where I could get in some daily exercise and walk off some stress. But one day the Holy Spirit prompted me to begin praying over the schools—the students, teachers, and administrators—as I walked. I did not know them personally or their specific needs. However, I found that as I opened my heart to those two schools and began to intercede on their behalf, the Holy Spirit led me in what I should pray.

Interacting with Your Local School

Jesus said to His disciples that He would teach them to be fishers of men. In today's world, there is no better fishing spot than the local elementary school. Below are some tips for helping you interact with your local school.