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Getting People Plugged into Ministry

As a children’s pastor, you might not be able to formulate your church’s assimilation process, but there are definitely things you can do to speak into it. Here are three ways you can play an active role in your church’s connection process and recruit volunteers who are passionate about kids’ ministry.

5 Key Qualities of a Rockstar Kid's Leader

Ministry is much more effective when you're surround by a team to help you. Here are 5 key qualities to look for in your kid's leaders.

Recruiting and Placing JBQ Officials

After you’ve put together the JBQ teams and have recruited coaches for them, what’s next? This article will provide some practical and proven suggestions that will make this quizzing season function more smoothly.

Gearing Up for JBQ Season

This article offers great ideas to help get your JBQ ministry going and KEEP it going: 1.) Recruiting Volunteers, 2.) Promote, 3.) Go the Extra Mile. As the article says, this is more than just preparation for competition—JBQ is ministry!

Kidmin Volunteers

When I think of the word Volunteers, my mind immediately goes into panic mode! Do I have enough? Will they be on time? Will their kids get sick at 10:00 pm on Saturday? Will they be prepared? Most kid’s pastors will understand the panic that ensues with that word volunteer. A little more panic comes to mind when you talk about recruiting volunteers. I will be honest, when I started out as a kid’s pastor, recruiting was the scariest and most intimidating thing in my job description. But over the past few years, I have come to LOVE recruiting and here is why: When you are actively recruiting and training volunteers you are completing God’s purpose for believers.

Recruiting Kidmin Volunteers

A vibrant kids’ ministry requires passionate people who are inspired by a vision and well-equipped to live it out. But how can you ignite that passion in your church as a way to recruit new volunteers to serve in your ministry? Today, I wanted to cap things off with some creative ideas you can implement in your ministry.