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Hosting a "Called Kids Takeover"

You can host a Called Kids Takeover on any day of the year, but we thought it would be pretty cool if there was one Sunday when children across the nation were engaged in doing ministry in the local church in ways they hadn’t done before.

The Insights of a Four-Year-Old

Our kids and grandkids catch what we say and teach them. All too often they learn the lessons about God’s love, mercy, and grace better than we adults. Or is it that we have just forgotten what we learned as children?

Partnering with Toddlers and Preschoolers in Prayer

Sometimes we forget in teaching important lessons about prayer and faith to these little ones, that their capacity to teach us about prayer and faith is just as significant. They are not merely the prayer warriors of tomorrow but our prayer partners today. In this article, Nichole McAninch examines how kids have a faith that believes, that remembers, that connects, and that rejoices.

The Important First 3 Years of Life

In order to learn in the unique way that God created them, children in the first three years of life have to feel safe in your care—which means we have to create spaces for them that enhance learning by helping them feel secure. Oftentimes we focus on the layout and design of the room to encourage learning. While these are important elements of learning, helping children feel safe is more about our response to them than room design. Following the principles of “consistency, predictability, and sensitivity” in our ministry help create environments that encourage children to learn.

AGKidMin17 Conference

The national KidMin17 conference was held April 19-21 at First Assembly in Ft. Wayne, Ind., with over 1,000 kids’ pastors and children’s leaders attending. The following is an overview provided by Danielle Christy, one of the conference attendees.

5 Steps to Help Preschoolers During Holidays

The holidays are a special time for families to celebrate traditions, to share the reason for the season, and to create new memories. Christmastime can be simply magical, but have you ever wondered what Christmas means to a preschool child? Young preschoolers may not completely grasp the meaning of the symbols, the beliefs, and the activities that surround the holiday season. This article provides five easy steps to help ensure this Christmas is one to remember for the little ones.