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Extending Your Reach Through Technology

We live in a glorious era of technology. Our phones alone contain far more processing power than the first space shuttles. We can have conversations, order pizza, even find our future spouse—all from the palm of our hand. Even the most common individual has some of the greatest knowledge in history at their fingertips 24/7. How do you take this knowledge and make your children's ministry better?

10 Ways to Have Fun with Blacklights in Your Children's Ministry

This spring quarter in the Tru Fire curriculum is a neon/blacklight theme. Blacklights are such a simple but effective way to bring fun to your ministry!

Get the BIG POINT Across Using JBQ Fact Pak

Gone are the days where kids can be expected to remember a three-point sermon. Most children (and adults) need one big point to walk away with. One of the things that has worked wonders in our kids’ church is combining the big point with the JBQ Bible Fact Pak.

Simple Steps to Make a Shared Classroom Fit Your Ministry Theme

In the ideal world, every Girls Ministries sponsor of every club would have a great classroom space to decorate beautifully. Some groups may be blessed to have their own private space, but most find themselves sharing with another ministry within the church building. It doesn’t take long for a room to look like a storage closet with leftover holiday decorations, papers left from other ministries, and nothing that uniquely says to girls, “This is YOUR room!” No matter the circumstances, there are ways to personalize a space and freshen it up for the girls. This article suggests two easy steps to make a general education room scream Girls Ministry.