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Inspiring Kids to Give

A question often asked by kids’ pastors is, “How do I inspire my kids to give?” In most cases, kids will respond very readily when presented with a need and with some options on how to fill that need. Their hearts are tender, and they are quickly filled with a desire to share what they have with those less fortunate. Here are ten ways that you can inspire the kids of your church to give to missions.

Don’t just tell kids to read the Bible daily, teach them!

It’s definitely important to read God’s Word daily. It’s a discipline that, when begun as a child, can last a lifetime. However, we must work hard when kids are young to equip them to ensure that this discipline is effective and fruitful. This article offers some pointers to encourage kids to read their Bible at church and at home.

Water Baptism and Children

My opinion and leading is prompted by the two questions I get asked: “Is my child too young to be water baptized?” and, “Can you meet and talk with my child to make sure they are ready to be baptized?” What is too young?

A Secret for Getting Kids into God’s Word

When considering the idea of getting kids into God’s Word, the same principle applies. When you talk about what you see in the Bible as amazing, and begin to draw out of it the stories that are written and how it impacts your life today, it’s catchy.

What Makes Camp Unique?

Every year in the run-up to camp, I get so frustratingly busy that I end up thinking of all the reasons in the world why our church shouldn’t go next year. It’s expensive, it’s messy to organize, not every child can attend, and it’s annoying to chase down parents. Yet each year, as I pull into the crowded parking lot of the campground, I begin to realize that all the hard work is worth it.

Why Every Kid Needs Camp

I’ve been involved to one degree or another in summer camps for twenty years. I was a counselor during my college years, took kids to them (and retreats) for eleven years as a youth pastor, and have been involved in leading statewide camps for the past eight years. Now I am sending my own kids. And I can tell you from two decades of experience that there is a marked difference between kids who go to a Christian summer camp and kids who don’t.