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The Climax of the Biblical Narrative

Has anyone ever told you a story completely out of context or started a story in the middle rather than the beginning? Both can be very frustrating. What often happens in either of these cases is the original meaning of the story gets distorted or minimized.

Easter Celebration

Easter is one of the two highlights of the Christian calendar. As we endeavor to communicate the magnitude of the story to our children, it’s important that we help them understand that Jesus’ death and resurrection is more than just an isolated event in the Bible. It is the turning point in God’s grand story with mankind. We asked our friend Dr. Dick Gruber to create a simple Easter timeline to share with children.

My Easter Prayer For You

Because I know your desire is for greater impact than just a “bigger” event and “more eggs” than last year. Because I know you desperately want to present the gospel effectively and put your best foot forward. Because every children’s pastor will be tempted to feel defeated because of the smallest imperfection…

Big Events and Follow-Up

Camp. VBS. Kids’ Crusades. Easter Outreaches. All of these activities have a common factor—the preparation for them is enormous! But what about follow-up?

Connect with Easter Visitors

Making an impact and ensuring that guests don’t simply show up annually on Easter takes preparation and foresight. We need to be proactive rather than reactive about our Easter Sunday visitors.

Winning the Church Super Bowl

Easter Sunday is the Super Bowl of church life. But talk to a coach who wins Super Bowls and he will tell you an important truth: Super Bowls aren’t won on just one day. It takes dedication, focus, and hard work throughout the whole year...