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4 Lessons to Encourage Kids about Calling

When children experience God's call, it's important that we intentionally help them understand what they are responding to. Here are 4 lesson that can help equip kids with some clarity about their calling.

Discovering Advent

Advent is a Latin word meaning coming. During the season of Advent, we remember the first Advent of Christ (His birth) and anticipate the second Advent (the return of Christ). Advent begins four Sundays before Christmas day. For families, observing Advent can be a powerful way of celebrating Christ during the Christmas season.

A Church Planters Perspective on Tru Fire

Perhaps you’ve been hearing a lot about Tru Fire lately, and you’ve been wondering about its value for your church. You may have heard the curriculum is distinctly Pentecostal, is delivered in a customizable digital format, and that it empowers the home and offers results you can see in kids. Recently we heard from Cara Railey about her take on Tru Fire from a church planter's perspective.

Three Ways to Tell the Story of God in a Big Way

The Bible contains the greatest story ever told, but we often fail to teach kids just how amazing it is. This article points out three key ideas you can use to tell the story of God in a big way. 1.) Put it in perspective. 2.) Go back to the future. 3.) Urge the urgency of today.

Curriculum that is DEEP

Church should be fun. Watching kids laugh and smile throughout their entire ministry experience means good things are happening. In some instances, church may be the only place where kids actually have an environment that is tailored just for them and allows them to have fun.

Ask Yourself This Question

Is your weekly lesson like a firework known as the “popper”? It comes in with a bang, and, while entertaining, is only a momentary experience. Or is your lesson like finding the missing piece of a greater puzzle? I remember walking into my theology class during my sophomore year of Bible college. As a preacher’s kid brought up in church, I thought I had a good grasp of the Bible. However, it was not until one of my professors introduced his theology class with a visual map from Genesis to the Advent that I realized how much I did not know.