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Preparing Your Kids For Camp

It’s kids’ camp time again. I’d like to address the importance of preparing your kids to go to and enjoy the camp experience. I spoke in Wisconsin camp a few years back. When kids entered the campground, they could read a huge banner strung up above the chapel doorway. The banner read, “Welcome to the Best Week of Your Life.” I wish that were true for all kids attending AG camps this summer. For some, the inability to cope with the culture of Pentecost presented at camp can result in a less-than-stellar memory.

Camp Conversations

The camp experience will naturally bring about lasting memories. Whether it’s being on the winning team, eating something disgusting for a competition, that one funny skit, or going days without a shower, camp will always be a place for memory-making moments. A child will rarely remember the struggles. Usually it’s the impactful memories that are turned into moments.

Getting Ready for Camp

It can be hard to think about camp this time of year, especially coming out of the busy holiday season. It seems so far away, but you know it will be here before you can even blink your eyes. That means now is the best time to start putting your plan into place. This article lists five ways to help your 2017 camp preparation as seamless as possible.

Avoid These During Kids’ Camp

A lot of great things can happen during a week of camp. It’s every parent’s (and every camp supporter’s) dream that the camping experience with the longest impact on a child’s life is a work of the Holy Spirit. However, there are some things that can end up short-circuiting the work the Holy Spirit wants to do.

What Makes Camp Unique?

Every year in the run-up to camp, I get so frustratingly busy that I end up thinking of all the reasons in the world why our church shouldn’t go next year. It’s expensive, it’s messy to organize, not every child can attend, and it’s annoying to chase down parents. Yet each year, as I pull into the crowded parking lot of the campground, I begin to realize that all the hard work is worth it.

Funding Church Camp for Every Child

Summer camp is the absolute best week of the year for a child. Not only on a spiritual level, but also relationally, emotionally, and physically. There is nothing quite like placing kids in a spiritually rich environment, removing all of the normal distractions, and helping them connect with Jesus.