Steve Adams

Steve Adams

Lake Forest, CA / Saddleback Church

Steve Adams has been the Children’s Pastor at Saddleback Church since 2007. He has served as Children’s Pastor for over twenty years and is a leader and mentor to many children’s ministry leaders around the United States and into the world. God has blessed him with a creative mind, a true pastor’s heart, and a passion for serving God and others through Children’s Ministry! Steve and his wife, Stephanie, have two sons.

The Climax of the Biblical Narrative

Has anyone ever told you a story completely out of context or started a story in the middle rather than the beginning? Both can be very frustrating. What often happens in either of these cases is the original meaning of the story gets distorted or minimized.

Using Questions to Engage and Challenge Kids

I was leading a small group discussion with fourth and fifth graders related to the death of Jesus when Lizzie, a fifth grader asked, “Does God love us more than He loves His Son, because He let His Son die instead of us?”

Moving From Teacher to Facilitator

When we teach, we are educating or instructing kids. Knowledge of the Word of God is important because it lays the foundation. However, knowledge of who God is or knowledge of the Bible is not enough. Kids must experience God.

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