Rachel Pilcher

Rachel Pilcher

Grand Junction, CO / Victory Life Church

Rachel is a newly ordained, fourth-generation minister. She graduated from Central Bible College in 2009 and promptly took her first ministry post in Wichita, KS where she stayed for five years. She and her husband recently moved to Grand Junction, CO where Rachel will serve as Children’s Pastor in Victory Life Church. She is very relational in her ministry style. She believes that you must PLAY with your kiddos before you can PRAY with them. She loves to find new ways to do ministry and resurrect “old ways!” She is a kid at heart and would love to spend all of her free time at Disney World. 

Creating a Safer Environment for Nursery & Preschool Kids

When a mom or dad enters your nursery with their child for the first time or the 100th time, they need to feel the child is “safe.” When we care for kids in our nursery, I remind our nursery team that we are providing care for both the baby and the parents. If mom and dad feel their baby is safe, the baby will do much better in your environment. This article demonstrates some safe practices for the church nursery.

Welcoming Children in the Foster-Care System

Many churches preach sermons on loving the orphan, and they have support groups and special meetings to talk about the need in their local area. Yet when a new foster family shows up on a Sunday morning, the kids’ team seems to have no idea how to handle this little one. As members of our churches continue to help in the foster-care system, we will continue to encounter more foster-care children in our ministries on Sundays. So how do we welcome them...

Kidmin Volunteers

When I think of the word Volunteers, my mind immediately goes into panic mode! Do I have enough? Will they be on time? Will their kids get sick at 10:00 pm on Saturday? Will they be prepared? Most kid’s pastors will understand the panic that ensues with that word volunteer. A little more panic comes to mind when you talk about recruiting volunteers. I will be honest, when I started out as a kid’s pastor, recruiting was the scariest and most intimidating thing in my job description. But over the past few years, I have come to LOVE recruiting and here is why: When you are actively recruiting and training volunteers you are completing God’s purpose for believers.

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