Melissa Alfaro

Melissa Alfaro

Houston, TX / El Tabernaculo

Dr. Melissa Alfaro is a pastor, leader, writer, and public speaker. She is an educator by heart with over a decade of experience serving as a coach, staff developer, and motivational speaker to teachers. As a mentor she has helped establish mentoring leadership initiatives for at-risk students in the public school system. Alongside her husband of 12 years, Pastor J. Alfaro, she serves the congregation of El Tabernaculo A/D in Houston, TX. She also serves as the Girls Ministries Director for the Texas Louisiana Hispanic District. You can find her with a journal in hand or blogging at chronicling life, revealing lessons learned, and challenging others to find peace and purpose in the journey of life.

Develop Healthy Disciples through Intergenerational Ministry

The Church is a tapestry of multiple generations. Each generation has a need to interact with other people in a meaningful way. By involving multiple generations in ministry to kids, you can help create a culture of connectivity within your church and simultaneously nurture healthy disciples.

6 Keys to Successful Mentorship

Mentoring is less about information and more about relationship. Whether you are approaching this subject as a children’s pastor wanting to mentor your students or as a ministry leader wanting to mentor the leadership potential in your volunteers and future leaders, this article offers you six mentoring principles that can help you mentor the next generation effectively.

Pray For Your Schools

My initial reason for even setting foot on the school property was to find a place where I could get in some daily exercise and walk off some stress. But one day the Holy Spirit prompted me to begin praying over the schools—the students, teachers, and administrators—as I walked. I did not know them personally or their specific needs. However, I found that as I opened my heart to those two schools and began to intercede on their behalf, the Holy Spirit led me in what I should pray.

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