Jared Massey

Jared Massey

Warsaw, IL / Warsaw Assembly of God

Jared is an associate pastor in a small rural church. He works mostly with youth and children, but wears many other hats. He also works part-time building mobile apps for churches and nonprofits. He is married to his high school sweetheart and together they have two boys. Jared loves spicy foods, ’80s music, and all things Disney. Jared blogs at smalltownkidmin.com.

Teaching Kids to Share Their Faith

As Christians, we are in possession of the greatest news of all. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is exciting and our kids should want to share that news with their friends and family, and even random strangers at the grocery store. Let's take a look at some steps we can take to help them clearly communicate that message.

Extending Your Reach Through Technology

We live in a glorious era of technology. Our phones alone contain far more processing power than the first space shuttles. We can have conversations, order pizza, even find our future spouse—all from the palm of our hand. Even the most common individual has some of the greatest knowledge in history at their fingertips 24/7. How do you take this knowledge and make your children's ministry better?

Pokémon Go Game

If you haven’t heard of Pokémon Go, people will start wondering if you have been living under a Snorlax. It’s the most viral app ever built, with over 15 million downloads in the first week it was available. As someone who not only uses, but also builds apps, I would even argue that this game is the most creative app yet released to the app stores. It is a brilliant marriage of pop culture and smartphones, and few apps have been able to do what it has done.

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