Dan Metteer

Dan Metteer

Issaquah, WA / Eastridge Church

Dan Metteer is the Children’s Pastor at Eastridge Church. He oversees the ministries, programs, and events for children aged birth through fifth grade. Dan has served as a children’s pastor for 17 years. He grew up in Kirkland, WA, and attended Northwest University in Kirkland where he graduated in 1999. He and his wife, Rebekah, were married in 2000, and they now have three young children. Pastor Dan has a passion to present the life-changing message of Jesus in fun and interesting ways to reach children and their families.

Is Church for Boys?

As I have watched my son grow up, I have noticed that he picks up very quickly which things are the “boy” things. Skateboards, Legos®, superheroes, Star Wars—these things seem to be like second nature to him. Not only does he notice these things, he is obsessed with them.

Fun and Laughter

Whether you are leading a family or a ministry, the same pattern is likely. People involved with their day-to-day routine get busy, and pretty soon they don’t have time to do the things that are really going to be fun. But fun is important. Fun creates relationship bonds. Fun builds memories. Fun refreshes the soul.

Telling the Kidmin Story to Your Church

After sixteen years as a career children’s pastor, I have recently made a shift out of children’s ministry into ministry as a lead campus pastor. This gives me a unique perspective. I intimately understand the burning passion that motivates ministry to children, as well as the challenges that children’s ministry presents. As I process my new identity outside of children’s ministry, I am beginning to have a new perspective on how kids’ ministry is viewed by those on the outside.

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