Todd Papendick

Todd Papendick

Todd Papendick has been involved in JBQ for 35 years. Currently, he serves in leadership at the district, regional, and national levels in JBQ. His passion is to see children and families experience the love of God in their lives.

Steps to Building a JBQ Budget

JBQ should be an integral part of the children’s ministry of your church. When you and your leadership are on the same page, there is mutual support in your ministries. This includes financial support from the pastor and the church for JBQ. It’s important to communicate with your pastor. Be sure your leadership is aware of your vision and aspirations for JBQ, and be specific in sharing your plans with your pastor so he can demonstrate support. An uninformed pastor cannot possibly support you with time or money.

How Will You Handle the Hot Seat?

It’s game time—match on the line. Are you ready? Your actions and reactions during a JBQ quiz match will determine the stability of your quizzers and their ability to quiz under pressure. Just as water flows from a sponge that is being squeezed, your true character will be exposed in the crucible of competition. How can you prepare your mind and your spirit for those pressure situations? Here are a few tips I’ve found to be helpful.

Reaching the Goal of Bible Master Award

Competition is a great motivator for kids in Junior Bible Quiz. However, as the culmination of another quiz season is rapidly approaching, we need to consider again how to motivate students to “Conquer the Cards.” So what was that church missing that we can apply to our situation in JBQ? This article offers three motivating factors that can help bring about excellence in JBQ.

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