Taylor Norris

Taylor Norris

Salt Lake City / Life Church

Taylor was born and raised in Florida and loves anything when it comes to being outside. Him and his wife, Isabel, are recently married and love getting to travel and go camping. He recently graduated from Northwest University in conjunction with True North School of Leadership with a B.A. in Ministry Leadership. He enjoys all things coffee and anything soccer related. One of his passions in Kids Ministry is putting kids in places and spaces to hear God’s voice.

Why Your Home is the Birthplace of Discipleship

If we can begin to develop a child's spiritual walk and formation at home, I think we might see life the way God intended us to live.

Discipleship is Better in Community

There is a pocket of people that God has for us to share life with and when we are well-surrounded with people, we have a solid foundation that allows us to become all that God has planned and designed us to be.

5 Key Qualities of a Rockstar Kid's Leader

Ministry is much more effective when you're surround by a team to help you. Here are 5 key qualities to look for in your kid's leaders.

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