Paul Markwell

Paul Markwell

Paul Markwell is the Kentucky District JBQ Coordinator (  He coordinated JBQ at Trinity Chapel in Louisville ( for 11 years.

Tips for Increasing JBQ Team Proficiency

Over the years, I’ve discovered some successful ways to make our Junior Bible Quiz teams become more effective and competent during JBQ competition. Check out my suggestions and see if any of these tips can help your team compete in the upcoming year of JBQ competition.

Recruiting and Placing JBQ Officials

After you’ve put together the JBQ teams and have recruited coaches for them, what’s next? This article will provide some practical and proven suggestions that will make this quizzing season function more smoothly.

7 Ways to Tell Their JBQ Story

The last quiz box has been put away, and you the JBQ coordinator are ready for some much deserved R&R. What next, you might ask? The answer is obvious and comes from the best practices of children’s sports leagues: Have an awards banquet.

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