Patti Chapman

Patti Chapman

Springfield, MO / Central Assembly

Patti Chapman is the Project Strategist for Children’s Ministries at the Assemblies of God National Leadership and Resource Center. Her passion is to reach and teach the next generation of leaders to impact this world for the cause of Christ. She has served in multiple capacities, mostly in rural southern Illinois, for over 30 years. Her responsibilities have included children’s church, puppets, Sunday School, bus ministry, Kids in Ministry, Live Out Loud (5th & 6th grade training ministry), VBS, and various other children’s ministries. She has also served as a senior pastor and youth pastor.


Celebration in the Chaos

It has been said many times and many ways, Christmas comes at the same time every year. So why does it catch us so off guard? Why does it put us all into what feels like one of those snow globes in the hands of a two-year-old that just keeps shaking? In this case, the why is not as important as the remedy that will keep us sane and, more importantly, focused on the real why for the season: JESUS. This article highlights three go-to remedies when life looks crazy.

Security For Your Big Events

Parents take note of the value we place on the safety of their children. By taking safety and security seriously, we say to them, “We care.” Children’s leaders are constantly involved in planning multiple events every year. Those plans must include a good safety and security plan that protects everyone involved.

The Power of Purposeful Play

Children learn best through play. Play has been heralded by educators and psychologists for centuries as the “ideal activity for the development of young children” (Cheng, 2012). Through play, as they mature, “children develop their capacities in creativity, problem-solving, logic, social knowledge, communication, self-regulation, cognitive processing and social development” (Henderson & Atencio, 2007).

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