Nina Durning

Nina Durning

Boston, MA

Nina Durning was raised in the inner city of Boston, Ma., as a pastor's kid. She has been working in children's ministry for nine years, four in the inner city of Boston and five at a church north of Boston. Currently she serves as a TruFire Community Leader and resource for children’s pastors. She felt the call of God at age 11, while on a missions trip, working with kids. She knows God has called to her to “work with kids and make Him known to them.” Nina is passionate about creativity in the classroom, helping kids experience God's presence, Tru Fire curriculum, and parent empowerment. 

A JBQ Winning Attitude

Whether your quizzers are on the winning team, or the team that came up just a little short, it’s your job as a parent or coach to make sure they react the right way. Here are three keys to making sure your quizzers are prepared to handle the joy of victory and the agony of defeat.

Keeping JBQ Practice Fun and Engaging

Each year we start off our JBQ season reminding parents of our number-one goal for their children: We want them to have fun! Some may say this goal is not appropriate. It could be said a better goal would be for kids to have God’s Word hidden in their hearts or to have a team do well in competition. I contend, though, that if kids are having fun, both things will happen naturally.

Outreach Assimilation

As summertime approaches, you are probably planning your summer outreaches and ministry events. Summer can be very busy in the kidmin world, so it’s important for us to have an attack plan before June 1st rolls around. As vital as the event itself is to plan, it is equally crucial to have a plan of attack to get all those kids to come back to church on the weekends.

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