Matthew Espina

Matthew Espina

Lakeland, Florida / Harvest Assembly in Lakeland

Matthew Espina has been involved with special needs ministry for over eight years as an AGUSM missionary associate to Special Touch. He has served as a life skills coach for people with disabilities for two years and is president of the Special Touch  chapter in Lakeland, Florida. Matthew also pastors a special needs service at his home church, Harvest Assembly in Lakeland, and leads a Royal Rangers class for people with disabilities. His ministry follows graduating at Southeastern University in 2009 and then becoming a licensed minister with the Assemblies of God. Matthew is married to Carolyn and has three children, Nathaniel, Rebekah, and Joshua.

Equipping Your Ministry for Special Needs

Given the large number of individuals in the nation with special needs, the likelihood of having a child with special needs visiting your church is a real possibility. The question, then, is are you prepared, and do you have a game plan for such a scenario?

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