Keith Swartzendruber

Keith Swartzendruber

Fort Worth, TX / The Chapel Assembly of God

Keith and his wife have been the Family Pastors at The Chapel Assembly of God in Fort Worth, TX for 11 years. He holds a Masters Degree in Children and Family Ministry from Southwestern Assemblies of God University. Keith believes that children who have a relationship with Christ are empowered for a successful future. He is passionate about families being the primary basis for the spiritual development of children. He believes that the church should do all that it can to equip the family to raise generations of champions for Christ. 

Divorce and Discipleship

Family ministry in the church today focuses on the responsibility of the parent as the primary discipler of their children. The role of the church is to support parents in this endeavor. Blended families have additional challenges as they disciple their children. Oftentimes children in divorced families are faced with a two-headed monster. In other words, they have two of everything—two families, two houses, even two sets of rules and guidelines.

Help For A Child Navigating Grief

My earliest memory of grief was the diagnosis of my mom with breast cancer. I was five years old. All that I knew at the time was the overwhelming feeling of being shaken and challenged. I felt a combination of emotions—loss, fear, doubt, confusion, and instability.

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