Karl Fleig

Karl Fleig

Karl S. Fleig serves as the national director of Royal Rangers. Prior to his present position, he served the Indiana District Council as the Christian Education and Men’s Ministries director for thirteen years. He has also pastored in Indiana, Illinois, and Texas. Karl and his wife, Cindy, have a daughter and two sons.

4 Way to Help Children Learn Servanthood

One of the most effective ways to combat the cultural mind-set of "me first" is by modeling a life of service. Serving can happen in the small ways we interact with one another, by putting the needs of others ahead of ourselves, and by being God’s hands extended to those around us. This article presents four practical ways to help our kids develop a mind-set of servanthood.

Mentoring Boys into Future Men

Many children’s ministries leaders know that incorporating learning styles and age-appropriate activities allow them to better disciple children. Research now bears out that when the gender of the child and the unique needs of that gender are factored into the programming and discipleship approaches by those ministries, they can have an even higher level of effectiveness. This article highlights the top four needs of a 4-year-old boy and how focusing on those needs through the lens of his gender can greatly increase the effectiveness of our discipleship to him.

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