Glorious Shoo

Glorious Shoo


Glorious is currently the District Superintendent of the Assemblies of God in the Kilimanjaro Region of Tanzania, Africa. Glorious and his wife Josephine were instrumental in founding New Life Foundation. This international ministry for children has been incorporated in several other countries, including the USA. New Life Foundation runs a Christian boarding school from kindergarten to high school where 70% of the students are needy and orphans.  Glorious and his wife also have an orphanage for abandoned and orphaned babies. They have an outreach ministry that has trained thousands of children ministers across Africa. New Life Foundation trains children workers for World Vision Tanzania. Over the years they have trained childrens ministers for Compassion International as well. God spoke to them to raise him an army for the Lord.  Their website is 

Transformed to Be World Transformers

Regardless of nationality, children across the world are learning to operate as agents of spiritual transformation. As they learn to operate through the power of the Holy Spirit, not only are they being transformed, but they become transformers for those around them.

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