David Reneau

David Reneau

Sarasota, FL / Church of Hope

David is the children’s pastor at Church of Hope in Sarasota, FL with his wife Liz and son Caleb. He loves to talk about ministry, leadership, and video games. He went to Clearwater Master’s Commission in Clearwater, FL and graduated from St. Petersburg College with a Bachelor’s degree in teaching high school math. His goal is to develop an authentic faith in people that will last a lifetime.

Preparing for a Kids Takeover

This article suggests some important steps you should take when preparing to release kids to lead a takeover of your kid's church.

3 Step Process for Equipping Kids

Once called kids have been identified, we must have processes in place to equip them.

Starting Well

Leaving something and starting something are two different things. They both have their hurts and their joys, but you must approach them differently.

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