Brian King

Brian King

Brian King is a JBQ veteran of over 30 years. He has been involved in leadership at the district, regional, and national levels. He also went on four missions trips to introduce and train JBQ leaders in both Russia and Romania. Brian and his wife Jean both graduated from North Central University. They have four children, all of whom did JBQ and earned their Bible Master Award. Brian and Jean have been members of Concord First Assembly (Concord, North Carolina) for almost 20 years. Brian has earned his Master Seal in three versions (KJV, NIV 1984, and NIV 2011) as well as earning his Bible Excellence Award in two (NIV 1984 and NIV 2011).

After the Quizzing Ends

The JBQ quizzing season is over, and the National JBQ Festival has come and gone. Teams have put away their quiz boxes for the summer and are waiting to restart in the fall. For the sixth graders, their JBQ career is over. Some will move on to TBQ [Teen Bible Quiz] while others get involved in other church, school, and/or athletic activities. So now what?

JBQ: Balancing Competition and Discipleship

How do you balance the desire to win with the spirit of discipleship? Quite simply. It boils down to being aware of this tension and proactively choosing to address this reality. This article applies four key principles that can help you in walking this tightrope

JBQ Master Seal Makes a Lifelong Impression

JBQ is not merely about competition, although that is a hook used to draw kids and their families. However, if we are trying to instill scriptural truths and principles into children, with the aim of Christlikeness, this ministry provides a unique opportunity. With the Master Seal program, JBQ aids parents in building a firm foundation without the necessity of competitive excellence. Children can build a significant amount of Bible knowledge that will not return empty.

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