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Three Concerns Every Kids’ Pastor Faces

When it comes to creating a Spirit-empowered kids’ ministry, the challenges for many leaders have never been greater. Trying to reach kids in a culture where “going to church” is no longer the norm has created a series of new challenges that weren’t an issue a decade ago.

Develop Healthy Disciples through Intergenerational Ministry

The Church is a tapestry of multiple generations. Each generation has a need to interact with other people in a meaningful way. By involving multiple generations in ministry to kids, you can help create a culture of connectivity within your church and simultaneously nurture healthy disciples.

Three Things I Wish Every Counselor Knew about Kids’ Camp

Kids’ Camp! Why is Kids’ Camp such an awesome phenomena? Let me boil it down for you by first taking a look at this powerful noun that actually contains two nouns. First you take the word “Kids” which equals the most energetic age group of the human race. Now we blend this with the word “Camp” which is an environment crafted to unleash creativity, fun, and relationship building. What do we get when we put these two explosive words together? Kids’ Camp!

Protecting Your Team from Conflict Infection

The key to preventing conflict infection is not much different from the health counterpart. Have an actionable plan that provides team members with the training and understanding of how to prevent conflict infection.