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Give Volunteers A Break

Volunteers are one of the most valuable resources within any organization. This is true whether it is the local church, district or the national office. They are people who care and choose to serve beyond their normal responsibilities. Since volunteers are a gift from God and the engine that moves ministries forward, leaders need to honor their service by intentionally protecting them from burnout.

Leading Up

As a leader I often have to remind myself of my own journey and the people who allowed me opportunities to grow and lead. Those opportunities eventually gave me a platform to serve and allowed me the chance to lead in the capacity I am in today. It’s important that we are constantly reevaluating our leadership.

Interacting with Your Local School

Jesus said to His disciples that He would teach them to be fishers of men. In today's world, there is no better fishing spot than the local elementary school. Below are some tips for helping you interact with your local school.

Build on a Kids' Camp Experience

Every year thousands of kids are dramatically changed by the power of God at camp. This camp experience usually lasts four or five days, and if we as children’s ministry leaders aren’t careful, we can miss out on the chance to capitalize on this incredible time. Here are three things you can do to make sure your campers’ experience doesn’t end when they get in the van to come home.

Recruiting Kidmin Volunteers

A vibrant kids’ ministry requires passionate people who are inspired by a vision and well-equipped to live it out. But how can you ignite that passion in your church as a way to recruit new volunteers to serve in your ministry? Today, I wanted to cap things off with some creative ideas you can implement in your ministry.

The Dilemma of Teen Helpers

We all know you can’t just let teenagers loose in your ministry and expect success. It takes time, training, prayer, and more training! It might require more effort to have teens involved in your ministry, but in so many other ways it makes your ministry better! Yes, it’s a dilemma, but imagine a kids’ ministry once you begin using teens as volunteers.