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Interacting with Your Local School

Jesus said to His disciples that He would teach them to be fishers of men. In today's world, there is no better fishing spot than the local elementary school. Below are some tips for helping you interact with your local school.

Outreach Participation Is Valuable for Kids

Outreaches provide mentorship opportunities. Kids want to learn and we need to teach them. Outreaches are “real-time,” practical ways to train kids who are full of energy and need to have hands-on experiences with how God can use them.

Evaluating Your Outreach Events

Most of us would agree that outreach is a big part of our children’s ministry. And so, each year we plan a series of events designed to show people Jesus’ love, invite them to our church, and minister to their families. These events are often good, but what does it take to make them great?

Big Events and Follow-Up

Camp. VBS. Kids’ Crusades. Easter Outreaches. All of these activities have a common factor—the preparation for them is enormous! But what about follow-up?

How Important Is Outreach and Missions?

Outreach has become an important area of focus for many of today’s kids’ ministry leaders. Whether it’s teaching kids about how they can help people in their local community or supporting evangelism and social justice efforts around the world, missions has become ingrained in the way many of us do ministry.

Outreach During Patriotic Holidays

If your schedule looks anything like mine, sometimes twenty-four hours in a day doesn’t quite seem enough to get everything done. It’s obviously always better to plan and prepare as far in advance as you can, but every once in a while things (like holidays or special occasions) can sneak up on you and you need a last-minute idea. Here are five last-minute outreach ideas that are sure to be a big hit!