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Connectivity with Your Leadership Team

Jesus was all about connecting with those who served Him. In fact, Jesus exemplified service in His relationship to others. Connection and relationship-building with volunteers should be one of the greatest rewards for a children’s pastor. This article lists points where connection with volunteers can happen and where they have happened.

Being a Leader Others Will Follow

Without a doubt, the most essential quality of leadership, and perhaps the most overlooked component, is that of followership. The fact that you may not have known “followership” was even a word helps to prove my point. We talk a lot about leadership but remain mute on the motivations of those whom we wish to lead. It is time for many of us to graduate from leadership preschool and take our first steps toward a follower-centric model, where we can honestly answer the question, Am I a leader that others want to follow?

10 Ways to Say Thank You

All of us enjoy receiving a heart-felt thank you from someone. Unfortunately, many of us are guilty of not following through with our best intentions of expressing thanks to others.

10 Common Mistakes Church Staff Members Make

If you work (or have worked) on a multiple member staff at a local church, you know that it is not always easy to maintain unity and cohesion among the team. Much of the reason for that are some of these common mistakes made by church staff members. Browse the list and give yourself a check-up…

Encouraging a Heart of Service and Leadership in Kids

A heart of service and leadership in a child is a powerful force that touches the local church, the community, and even the world. How do we encourage a heart of service and leadership in children? It comes through discipleship, teaching, and validating the value of every person—adult or child—in the kingdom of God.

Connecting Kids to God through Their Parents

We all want Sunday mornings to be enough for the kids in our church to connect with God. Unfortunately this is not true. But once we mention teaching kids about Jesus at home, many parents appear confused and lost. With children attending church once (maybe twice) a week for a few hours at best, the only way a child is going to truly become discipled is if they are also discipled at home.