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5 Simple Ways to Create a Culture of Connectedness in Kidmin

What if there were some simple solutions that would help you create a culture of connectedness? Consider the following ideas that have been proven at the NLRC children's ministries office and around the nation. You can begin implementing these ideas almost immediately. At the end of the day, a tightly connected and healthy team is critical for ministry. Make the culture of connectedness something of high importance for you and your team.

Keeping JBQ Practice Fun and Engaging

Each year we start off our JBQ season reminding parents of our number-one goal for their children: We want them to have fun! Some may say this goal is not appropriate. It could be said a better goal would be for kids to have God’s Word hidden in their hearts or to have a team do well in competition. I contend, though, that if kids are having fun, both things will happen naturally.

Tips for JBQ Coaches and Parents

Tony Dungy, coach of the Indianapolis Colts and Super Bowl Champions, wanted to win but was more interested in his players succeeding in life after football. We need to be that way with JBQ. The real win will be 10 or 20 years from now, when we see the children we coached or parented doing awesome things for God. Let's raise up some faithful men and women for God!

Connectivity with Your Leadership Team

Jesus was all about connecting with those who served Him. In fact, Jesus exemplified service in His relationship to others. Connection and relationship-building with volunteers should be one of the greatest rewards for a children’s pastor. This article lists points where connection with volunteers can happen and where they have happened.

Celebrating Your Wins

In the Old Testament God instructed the children of Israel to pause during the year to celebrate. They would celebrate the harvest, their deliverance from Egypt, and more. This was an important piece of Hebrew history to help them keep their focus on God and to pass faith on to the next generation. However, in our break-neck pace of ministry, we often don’t slow down to celebrate the wins.

Growing With Your Team

I wish my church had lasers. My friend’s church had lasers and it seemed to make all the difference. They had remodeled their children’s ministry wing and it was loaded with the latest gadgets and amenities. Slides? Check. Touch screens? Check. Lasers? Check mate. I convinced my pastor that I should see what the lasers, I mean church, looked like in action. I drove over on a Wednesday and was blown away by what I saw...