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Kids’ Ministry and Easter Guests

While it’s tempting to get excited about Easter because it’s one of our highest attended Sundays of the year, we must make sure to focus on each individual guest who attends.

Helping Kids Experience the Significance of Easter

While coloring Easter eggs and waking up Easter morning to baskets filled with candy are wonderful, they must not distract from the true meaning of Easter. As leaders, we must ensure that the kids in our ministries understand the significance of Easter, and we must provide opportunities for the Holy Spirit to draw kids into a deeper relationship with their Savior.

Quietness During the Easter Season

No matter how many services you have, Easter is always an incredibly busy time for children’s pastors. We not only face the pressure of wanting our kids to have a lasting experience of God’s grace, but we also have the pressure from our senior pastors of having to display the “perfect” children’s ministry for our first-time guests.

Slow Down When Telling the Easter Story

What would happen if we helped our kids make an emotional connection to what the disciples were going through during the days leading up to Easter? What if we helped them understand why God orchestrated Easter the way He did? I think they would connect to their Savior in a fresh way.

How to Create a RACI Kids’ Ministry

Building a RACI kids’ ministry is a great way to equip volunteers and create accountability. Earlier this week, I shared a few reasons embracing the RACI model of leadership can improve our effectiveness in ministry [LINK TO: “The Most Effective Kids’ Ministries are RACI” blog post]. Today, I wanted to take it a step further . . .

The Most Effective Kids’ Ministries are “RACI”

It’s imperative that kids’ ministry leaders be intentional about defining roles and responsibilities for the various activities within the ministry. If you truly want to build a healthy ministry, each project should include multiple volunteers and team members who hold different responsibilities, but work together to guide kids in your ministry towards living more Spirit-filled lives.