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My Nursery Story

I had been a successful children’s pastor for about eight years. Both churches that I worked in during that time had grown significantly, especially in the children’s areas. I had learned a lot, and at my young age I may have even felt I knew it all. I have since learned there is ALWAYS more to learn in children’s ministries. I was making my rounds and stopped by the nursery ...

Communicating with Your Team

Communication—good or bad—affects the atmosphere and environment of your ministry. It can determine your ability to keep a great team together. In church work, where a leader is more dependent on volunteers than in most organizations, the need for great communication is even more critical.

God’s Story in Every Lesson

Reducing biblical teaching down to moralistic principles is an easy trap to fall into in kids’ ministry. We want to put the gospel into terms kids can easily understand while also teaching them good behavior. But reducing the gospel to simply good behavior is a dangerous and slippery slope that can cause kids to miss the message of salvation altogether.

Recruiting Kidmin Volunteers

A vibrant kids’ ministry requires passionate people who are inspired by a vision and well-equipped to live it out. But how can you ignite that passion in your church as a way to recruit new volunteers to serve in your ministry? Today, I wanted to cap things off with some creative ideas you can implement in your ministry.

The Dilemma of Teen Helpers

We all know you can’t just let teenagers loose in your ministry and expect success. It takes time, training, prayer, and more training! It might require more effort to have teens involved in your ministry, but in so many other ways it makes your ministry better! Yes, it’s a dilemma, but imagine a kids’ ministry once you begin using teens as volunteers.

Getting People Plugged into Ministry

As a children’s pastor, you might not be able to formulate your church’s assimilation process, but there are definitely things you can do to speak into it. Here are three ways you can play an active role in your church’s connection process and recruit volunteers who are passionate about kids’ ministry.