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Protecting Kids in a Digital Age

You can’t watch over every kid in your ministry, but you can create an awareness about the dangers that are out there and equip parents to help protect their children.

Make Disciples!

What can we do to help disciple children at different ages in their walk with Christ? I want to suggest three separate stages of development that we can provide for our children to help them grow to become like Christ.

Spiritual Parenting

In my ministry career, I have had numerous conversations with parents about the “how-tos” of parenting. The reality is all parents want to do the best they can for their children, but many have not grown up in a healthy or Christian home so they lack the example from their own childhood. Given the right tools, parents will engage in a new way, equipped for the monumental task of raising a child! “Spiritual Parenting” is one of those tools I would recommend for any parent.

7 Family Ministry Essentials

7 Family Ministry Essentials, by Michelle Anthony and Megan Marshman, deserves far more praise than I am able to fit in this post. Whether you are a family minister or children’s/youth pastor, there are concepts in this book that will both challenge you and inspire you to grow as a minister. This book also exhibits a unique perspective of what it means to minister to entire families.

Let's Do Family Together

In today’s fast-paced, technology-driven, “there-is-never-enough-time” society, it seems like doing family together is an archaic concept. Despite the access to more modes of communication, families seem to be more divided than ever in the area of time, authentic communication, honor, acceptance, and forgiveness. While there are a wide array of resources written for marriages and family, the content at times seems to be a bit filtered. Dr. Gary Smalley, however, has broken the mold with his new book Let’s Do Family Together.

Talk Now and Later

No matter what the family dynamic is like, Talk Now and Later is for all child-rearing parents. Young parents. Grandparents. Foster parents. Mentors that lead like parents. Brian Dollar’s latest project (published by Salubris Resources) covers the when, how, and what of talking to kids about life’s hard spots. It maintains this focus and leads the way to show what all parents need to know.