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The Holidays and Grief

I will never forget that night. As my two young boys excitedly hung ornaments on our Christmas tree with Grandma and Grandpa, holiday music playing in the background, I sat on the couch fighting back tears. I was trying to keep that night the great family tradition that it had always been. I struggled to control my emotions, but it was too much to hold in. I crumpled onto the couch...

Is "God With Us" in Our Christmas Outreach?

When it comes to reaching our world with the Good News, most churches spend a majority of their time and resources inviting people to services and events during the Christmas season. We so desperately want these people to come hear the Christmas story. However, sometimes we forget that the Christmas story gives us a major hint about the nature of God. In it, He comes to us in the form of a little baby—Emmanuel, God with us.

Five Ideas for Giving This Christmas Season

I had an exciting thought—what if this Christmas season kids got excited and invited their friends to come to church? What if as parents and leaders we helped them bridge the gap! But where to start? Here are five ideas that you can do to help inspire your kids to reach their friends this Christmas season!

Christmas Production Timeline

Kids’ Christmas programs are a great way to get kids’ grandparents, aunts, uncles, and other relatives who don’t normally attend church to come to church and hear the gospel. The key to a great presentation is excellent planning. The following is a sample timeline for planning a great kids’ Christmas presentation.

A Grand Production

If you have avoided getting involved in a children’s production I want to encourage you to consider stepping out in faith and take a chance that God may be up to something really exciting at your church. What I want to share with you as the children’s ministry leader is the spiritual aspect of a holiday production.

Go and Love This Christmas

Christmas is an incredible opportunity to teach kids about God’s love. It’s also a time to help them understand that it is more blessed to give than to receive. We must provide multiple opportunities for kids to learn and we must help kids learn these truths with programming beyond the platform.