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Learn from the Past Lead into the Future

As leaders in children’s ministry, we know the significance of our job. We have the opportunity to teach kids about Christ. What could be better than that? Yet in the middle of the week-to-week preparations, we can get so focused on the details that we forget the bigger picture. Our job is not simply to ensure our 4s class has a teacher this Sunday—our job is to nurture the spiritual development of kids.

Gearing Up for JBQ Season

This article offers great ideas to help get your JBQ ministry going and KEEP it going: 1.) Recruiting Volunteers, 2.) Promote, 3.) Go the Extra Mile. As the article says, this is more than just preparation for competition—JBQ is ministry!

<em>Front Row Leadership</em>, by Rob Ketterling

As a recovering back-row leader, Rob Ketterling gives the road map for moving from the back to the front. In his book "Front Row Leadership," Rob shows the reader how to look for obstacles and frustrations and how to push through them. With his conversational writing style, he walks the reader through creating alignment on teams and describes the job of a front-row leader.

Inside Out the book review

In a world where the type of leader we are defines us, it is important we seek to become the best leader we can be—a servant leader. In their book "Inside Out," Rich and Robyn Wilkerson perfectly balance the concept of a simple read with maximum effectiveness on servant leadership and what this principle can look like. Servant leadership is defined as being somebody who responds to needs, who forms and manages partnerships to meet those needs, and who prays. When these actions are broken down, we discover the characteristics of a servant leader. "Inside Out" lists these 15 characteristics of servant leadership.

Investing in Leadership Growth

How can we as leaders ensure we are constantly investing in growing the leaders who are on our team? That is a question Children’s Pastor Heather Marble asks herself every week. Her article shows three methods she has found that made a huge impact on her kids’ ministry team.

Tips for JBQ Coaches and Parents

Tony Dungy, coach of the Indianapolis Colts and Super Bowl Champions, wanted to win but was more interested in his players succeeding in life after football. We need to be that way with JBQ. The real win will be 10 or 20 years from now, when we see the children we coached or parented doing awesome things for God. Let's raise up some faithful men and women for God!