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<em>Front Row Leadership</em>, by Rob Ketterling

As a recovering back-row leader, Rob Ketterling gives the road map for moving from the back to the front. In his book "Front Row Leadership," Rob shows the reader how to look for obstacles and frustrations and how to push through them. With his conversational writing style, he walks the reader through creating alignment on teams and describes the job of a front-row leader.

Equipping Your Ministry for Special Needs

Given the large number of individuals in the nation with special needs, the likelihood of having a child with special needs visiting your church is a real possibility. The question, then, is are you prepared, and do you have a game plan for such a scenario?

3 Keys for Great Small-Group Discussions

Kids learn best by talking, asking questions, and interacting with each other. So one of the best strategies you can use in your ministry is to incorporate small-group discussion. This article provides three key tips for facilitating small-group discussion.

Relating Through Small Groups

Kids build relationships through interaction and shared experiences. Small groups can facilitate those relationships between children and their leader. A small-group leader takes time to relate to each child, and not only by name. This leader may be the adult a child can look up to, a leader who can know and care when the child is missing, sick, or distraught. Check out three pointers that can help kids build strong relationships through small groups.

Helping Girls Reach Their Potential

Girls everywhere deal with things like insecurity, difficult family situations, friendship struggles, and so much more. What would it look like if we could help meet their needs head-on instead of reacting to issues later? Our girls are exploding with untapped potential, and we have the ability to help prepare them to discover God’s purpose for their lives.

Investing in Leadership Growth

How can we as leaders ensure we are constantly investing in growing the leaders who are on our team? That is a question Children’s Pastor Heather Marble asks herself every week. Her article shows three methods she has found that made a huge impact on her kids’ ministry team.