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A Grand Production

If you have avoided getting involved in a children’s production I want to encourage you to consider stepping out in faith and take a chance that God may be up to something really exciting at your church. What I want to share with you as the children’s ministry leader is the spiritual aspect of a holiday production.

Outreach Participation Is Valuable for Kids

Outreaches provide mentorship opportunities. Kids want to learn and we need to teach them. Outreaches are “real-time,” practical ways to train kids who are full of energy and need to have hands-on experiences with how God can use them.

What Is Outreach?

Hang on a second, I’m going to close my door and put my phone on DND… (looks out the window and closes the blinds). Ok, it’s safe in here now. Let’s talk about… outreach events. Now, I’ve been doing kids ministry for almost 10 years and have done the Fall Fests, Christmas musicals, Crusades, Easter egg hunts… done it all. And there’s nothing wrong with those. But I found myself looking for new faces on Sunday morning… and… nothing.

Evaluating Your Outreach Events

Most of us would agree that outreach is a big part of our children’s ministry. And so, each year we plan a series of events designed to show people Jesus’ love, invite them to our church, and minister to their families. These events are often good, but what does it take to make them great?

Optimize Your Kids’ Ministry Outreach

The beginning of the school year is an exciting time in the life of any church, especially in kids’ ministry. The new school year creates a natural opportunity to teach kids about evangelism and to encourage them to begin thinking about friends they know who aren’t Christian.

Teaching Kids to Spread the Good News

The word "evangelism" is both a big word and a big concept for kids to grasp. However when kids learn to reach out to their peers, it is one of the most effective ways to win kids to Christ. Here are some ideas for helping kids grow and retain their evangelistic hearts...