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Encourage Those That Volunteer

So you’ve done it! You’ve gotten the volunteers you have been hoping and praying for. But you begin to notice you are losing people as fast as you are gaining them. What’s going on? You try to make sure they have all the materials they need and even have helpers in their class. What more could they possibly want? One word: Encouragement.

Are you training followers or cultivating leaders?

A few years ago, I started a journey down a new leadership path. I really had to evaluate what was the most important thing for me to be doing as a leader. I was doing a lot of stuff, but was it the most important thing?


I hear and talk about diversity A LOT in my personal life. The reason it is brought up so much is due to having an interracial marriage. I have been together with my beautiful dark-skinned wife since we were sixteen years old. We have heard all types of extremely kind comments on our “diverse” relationship, but we also hear some really strange ones. However, diversity is more than just a different skin color.

Celebrating Your Wins

In the Old Testament God instructed the children of Israel to pause during the year to celebrate. They would celebrate the harvest, their deliverance from Egypt, and more. This was an important piece of Hebrew history to help them keep their focus on God and to pass faith on to the next generation. However, in our break-neck pace of ministry, we often don’t slow down to celebrate the wins.

Growing With Your Team

I wish my church had lasers. My friend’s church had lasers and it seemed to make all the difference. They had remodeled their children’s ministry wing and it was loaded with the latest gadgets and amenities. Slides? Check. Touch screens? Check. Lasers? Check mate. I convinced my pastor that I should see what the lasers, I mean church, looked like in action. I drove over on a Wednesday and was blown away by what I saw...

Give Volunteers A Break

Volunteers are one of the most valuable resources within any organization. This is true whether it is the local church, district or the national office. They are people who care and choose to serve beyond their normal responsibilities. Since volunteers are a gift from God and the engine that moves ministries forward, leaders need to honor their service by intentionally protecting them from burnout.