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Small-Group Essentials

In small groups, kids have the chance to learn at their own pace using their own questions. Every small-group class should have time for the essential elements—questions and the altar. Questions allow the lesson to go deeper and to stick a spiritual truth deep into the heart of a child. The altar allows the lesson of the day to be solidified by the Holy Spirit.

A First Step On a Supernatural Path

Teach your kids about the gifts of the Spirit. Teach them to learn to hear God’s voice. Teach them to go to a parent or a leader for guidance if need be. The Holy Spirit is a gentleman. He will guide your kids into an amazing spirit-filled walk.

Helping Kids Process the Supernatural

We, the leaders of a supernatural kids movement, have the choice to challenge the child or hold him back. We can speak about the Holy Spirit and the giftings that the Holy Spirit has for each believer. But if we have never had a supernatural encounter with God, we will never fully be able to grow. We can’t help children process the supernatural if we don’t walk in the supernatural.

Moving From Teacher to Facilitator

When we teach, we are educating or instructing kids. Knowledge of the Word of God is important because it lays the foundation. However, knowledge of who God is or knowledge of the Bible is not enough. Kids must experience God.

Teaching Kids to Walk by the Word and the Spirit

Teaching kids to embrace the Holy Spirit’s presence in their lives is an important part of helping them grow as healthy disciples. Earlier this week, we discussed the idea that the Word and the Spirit are inseparable when it comes to knowing Jesus and following Him.

God’s Story in Every Lesson

Reducing biblical teaching down to moralistic principles is an easy trap to fall into in kids’ ministry. We want to put the gospel into terms kids can easily understand while also teaching them good behavior. But reducing the gospel to simply good behavior is a dangerous and slippery slope that can cause kids to miss the message of salvation altogether.