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Gearing Up for JBQ Season

This article offers great ideas to help get your JBQ ministry going and KEEP it going: 1.) Recruiting Volunteers, 2.) Promote, 3.) Go the Extra Mile. As the article says, this is more than just preparation for competition—JBQ is ministry!

Reach Your Community Kids Through JBQ

Junior Bible Quiz is naturally inquisitive to kids. And we all know JBQ is possibly one of the most successful and best ways to disciple children in God's Word. But have you ever thought about it as an outreach tool? This article offers a few points on ways you can use JBQ to reach children in your community.

Can You Conquer the Cards

Each year at our local church, we attempt to find creative strategies to walk this fine line. We’ve done the stickers, JBQ store, end-of-year parties, attendance rewards, and more—all with varying degrees of success. With the upcoming 2016-17 season, we met to discuss what this year’s new-and-improved system would be. We didn’t need to look any further than JBQ’s national campaign, “Conquer the Cards.” The result was a two-faceted JBQ program—one part to motivate all kids to learn the Bible Fact-Pak and another to help motivate those who wished to attend the quiz meets.