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Three Important Kinds of People in Your Life

Healthy leadership does not just happen. Healthy leadership is intentionally arrived by the choices that leader makes. Three choices healthy leaders make are who will invest in me, who will share the investment, and who will I invest in.

Five Things Every Ministry Leader Should Be Doing with Their Family

My wife and both of my kids (ages 12 and 14) are VERY involved in our kids’ ministry. They LOVE it! But, I don’t ever want to take that for granted. I want to be proactively working to preserve that spirit and excitement for God, the church, and the ministry. Here are five things I do to help make that happen.

Balancing Work and Home

It was 1984. My medical doctor had just given me bad news. With Christian kindness in his eyes, the doctor said, “You are going to be a fat, dead children’s pastor before age forty and your wife and children won’t care, because they won’t know you.” Wow!