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3 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me

The learning curve that happens the first few years of ministry can only be described as gigantic. I remember walking in the office my first day as a kids’ pastor thinking, “Now what?” As the day progressed, I began to figure some things out and soon was well on my way. It did not take long for me to realize that the “now what” was replaced with “slow down.”

Are You in the Purple Group?

What happened? In just a matter of months I had gone from being a child genius in the purple group to being a remedial studies orange group member, simply because I stopped growing my skills. Keeping ourselves sharp is something we need to do no matter what stage of life we are in, but it is especially needed in ministry.

Are You in Conflict with Someone?

Dealing with conflict is not necessarily pleasant, but avoiding conflict damages your ministry impact in ways that are often unseen. We can view conflict as a way to grow and develop as a leader or we can choose to view it as a hindrance.

Kidmin Leaders and Conflict

Even the word “conflict” can make a lot of church leaders uncomfortable. Typically we do one of two things when it comes to conflict in ministry: avoid it or mess it up. But the truth is this: if we avoid conflict and don’t deal directly with issues, it has the potential to destroy our ministries.

Helping Families Connect with Other Families

If you are going to disciple a child, you must be willing to provide opportunities that holistically minister to the family in the process. One simple way to cultivate healthy families in your ministry is by connecting families with other families.

Three Important Kinds of People in Your Life

Healthy leadership does not just happen. Healthy leadership is intentionally arrived by the choices that leader makes. Three choices healthy leaders make are who will invest in me, who will share the investment, and who will I invest in.