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Book Review She Believes by Debbie Lindell

She Believes is a glimpse into how the book will capture the heart of every woman. Partnered with Suzy Flory, Debbie Lindell’s first book release speaks life into the most tender and vulnerable areas of women of all ages and in all backgrounds. Specifically, equipping ladies in pastoral or volunteer positions while working with children can be an essential asset to their personal development in leadership.

Chase the Lion Made Personal

Chase the Lion, by Mark Batterson, is a clarion call to action. It will help you find your dream and resolve to accomplish it no matter what the cost.

3 Steps Toward Achieving Goals

Do you remember the parable of the servants and the talents in Matthew 25:14-30? Three servants were each entrusted with different quantities of gold before the master departed on a long trip. Upon the master’s arrival, the first servant doubled his original five bags of gold and presented the master with 10 bags. The second servant gave his master four bags of gold instead of the original two, while the last servant presented the same single bag, proud that he did not lose it. The point of this parable is to use what we are given and use it well.

Evaluating Your Service to Volunteers

Six questions that will help you evaluate your leadership training and leadership appreciation: What is something our team should celebrate this week? What is an area within our ministry that needs to be molded and tweaked? What is a responsibility I have or am doing that I need to train and equip someone else to do and begin letting go of? Which child or family within our kids’ ministry can we be there for EXTRA this week? Who was a life saver this week and went above and beyond? What is one reason I still love working in kids’ ministry?

4 Keys to Turning Goals into Plans

What makes the difference in those who create goals and those who achieve them? Most often the missing component is a realistic and executable plan. Let’s examine some common elements that can help guide you to success.

Mary Chose Better

Is it always that easy to find leaders? No. But is it always that easy to stop and ask the Holy Spirit, the Father in Heaven, and Jesus to step in and lead us? Yes. Jesus said Mary is doing the right thing. Spending time with Jesus. Doing a few less things. Planning a few less activities. Putting Jesus first. Walking in His way. Following His Leading. And letting Him build His Church.