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5 Simple Ways to Create a Culture of Connectedness in Kidmin

What if there were some simple solutions that would help you create a culture of connectedness? Consider the following ideas that have been proven at the NLRC children's ministries office and around the nation. You can begin implementing these ideas almost immediately. At the end of the day, a tightly connected and healthy team is critical for ministry. Make the culture of connectedness something of high importance for you and your team.

Connectivity with Your Leadership Team

Jesus was all about connecting with those who served Him. In fact, Jesus exemplified service in His relationship to others. Connection and relationship-building with volunteers should be one of the greatest rewards for a children’s pastor. This article lists points where connection with volunteers can happen and where they have happened.

Building Relationship with Senior Leaders

I’ve recently had conversations with children’s ministry leaders who feel overlooked. Here’s something I try to remind them: We often want church leadership to come to us to initiate relationship and tell us what we need to know. But what if you flipped the conversation and worked to initiate with them what you are hoping they will do for you?

Encouraging a Heart of Service and Leadership in Kids

A heart of service and leadership in a child is a powerful force that touches the local church, the community, and even the world. How do we encourage a heart of service and leadership in children? It comes through discipleship, teaching, and validating the value of every person—adult or child—in the kingdom of God.

Eight Seconds With Influence

I love the picture of a bull rider as a depiction of leadership. We as leaders are often in situations where the only thing we can try to do is keep in balance when the world around us is in chaos. Our culture, our situation, our environment often appears to do everything in its power to buck us off, but our call as leaders is to remain in balance.

Leading Up

As a leader I often have to remind myself of my own journey and the people who allowed me opportunities to grow and lead. Those opportunities eventually gave me a platform to serve and allowed me the chance to lead in the capacity I am in today. It’s important that we are constantly reevaluating our leadership.